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Effective Date May 10, 2013

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Rightleads.co.uk Limited. ("Company" or "we" or "our"), owns and operates the website located at www.theloancrusader.co.uk, (the "Site"). Through the Site, Company operates a prospective customer data base (the "Service"), by which it compiles, sorts and sells contact information to businesses on behalf of individual consumers who have shown an interest in applying for a payday loan and has affirmatively asked to be contacted by a representative of a product or service business. Company utilizes third party vendors, third party affiliates, and a variety of media advertisements to promote the Site to consumers interested in completing an online application at our Site or to supplement our database by purchasing their database of consumers who have completed applications on websites other than Company's and have affirmatively requested receipt of information about product or service offerings similar to those offered on Company's Site.

Company also promotes product and service offerings via e-mail or telephone to consumers who requested that they be contacted either through our online application opt-in process via our Site or through an Opt-In process on one of our many vendor or affiliate sites (List Members). List Members will then receive email or telephone contacts.html only for so long as they wish to continue to receive such contacts.


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www.theloancrusader.co.uk does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from minors under 18 years of age.


List Members can get off our telephone and e-mail contact lists at any time, no questions asked. You can remove yourself from further contact from Company by clicking on the OPT-Out link contained in each e-mail, or by sending in your OPT-Out request via e-mail to info@theloancrusader.co.uk.

If you choose to remove yourself from our contact list, if applicable, we will also forward your name and contact information to the specific vendor or affiliate marketer who provided your informational request to us so that they can include your name on their do-not-contact list too. Please bear in mind that if your information was purchased commercially from a third party vendor, Company may not be the only data company your contact information was sold to. Additionally, our third party vendor or affiliate may have purchased your contact information from someone else and thus you may continue to receive contacts from those companies as well. Company is not responsible for stopping all unwanted contacts from sources beyond our immediate control.

Please note that participation in certain activities on our web site may be limited if personally identifiable information is not submitted for the user. E-mail addresses and phone numbers received in an opt-out request will be added to our internal Do-Not-Contact registry.


We are not financial consultants. Any information we post is to be considered opinion and is not meant as advice.